Freegle Jax

Jax retired from biomedical research in 2014. Much like our other adopters Jax’s forever family didn’t know that something was missing in their lives that only lil Jax could fill. But on Valentine’s Day in 2015 his forever Mom walked into PetSmart during an adoption event. The rest is history. We ask you, who could look at this sweet boy and not fall madly in love? Our thoughts exactly!  

What to expect when adopting a Freegle

Beagles and other dogs formerly used in research are as different in personality and needs as any other dog. Some come out of the lab excited and curious while others tend to hang back and watch until they feel safe. Every dog that comes through the BeFreegle Foundation is given the time and space they need to feel confidant in their new surroundings. Remember that everything is new to these dogs. Most are not housebroken and some don’t know how to walk on a leash. Patience is required when fostering or adopting one of these sweet Freegles.