Freegle Timothy

Freegle Timothy

Timothy or Timmy to his friends, a former lab beagle, is a shy and very sensitive soul.  He does not like change..i.e. re-arranged furniture!!  He loves with his whole being. He is continuing to grow into a regular dog.  His new 3 year old terrier sister, Delilah, has made a huge impact on his socialization skills. His favorite things are a good scratch, Mom’s homemade dog food and being held in his Dad’s arms.  We are blessed with the gift of this wonderful dog.


BeFreegle Blog

Coming into my own...

Coming into my own…

September 21, 2014: Participating in local events is always exciting for us as BeFreegle. We get the opportunity to talk to our community about the work we are doing in helping dogs from research. We’ve visited many places in the US and one is more exciting than the next. Our Freegles take it all in stride cause it’s “All In A Days Work”




You’ve come a long way baby!!

July 21, 2014: Six months ago we celebrated our very first Homecoming. Our girls have learned so much in this short time and are all very busy with their new lives. A time to explore and a time for “Cultivating Patience”



Spring Fever

Spring Fever

March 23, 2014: The snow is melting, spring, also known as the muddy season is finally here!! The skunks and groundhogs are emerging from their long winters nap. And the Freegles are busy “Securing The Perimeter!”



Freegles Sunshine and Maya tearing up the yard!

Who made a mess?!

March 8, 2014: The spring thaw has begun. With it a big surprise from Sunshine. Read all about it in our latest blog post. “Bow WOW!!”





Guess Who?!


March 5, 2014: You’ll never guess who I saw today!!! “On The Way”



Morning romp, with Freegles Maya and Sunshine

Freegles Maya and Sunshine

February 28, 2014: As the song goes, it’s gonna be a bright (bright) bright (bright) Sun-Shiny Day!



Freegle Sunshine

Freegle Sunshine

February 23, 2014: Our very first blog posting features our sweet and lovable Freegle Sunshine. She has been through a lot yet remains ever so sweet as she learns how to be a dog. Join her on her journey as she learns what it means to have a “New Leash on Life”