On The Way…

Daisy the Snow Angel

Daisy the Snow Angel

On The Way

A funny thing happened on the way to the mechanic. Today was the dreaded, take the car to the mechanic for the few thousand miles overdue and much needed 100k checkup. Once you get to that kind of mileage things start to squeak and rattle and it’s best to have it checked out before you end up stranded waiting for AAA. There was a coffee shop with wifi a short 15 minute walk away and since it was the first day above freezing in a while and the sun was peaking through the clouds I figured, why not walk.

A few hours later my cell phone rang, it was the mechanic who is also a good family friend. My stomach did a little flip flop as I saw the number come up. Please nothing major, please nothing major. Good news, your car is done he said. The battery was bad and we did a tune up and oil change. Good to go. I packed up my stuff and headed back in the direction of the shop. I decided to walk along the other side of the street from my trip up, just for a change of scenery. As I came upon a brick building I happen to look up and read the sign. The name was vaguely familiar and as I took about 5 steps beyond I realized why it was familiar. Daisy’s new Mom and Dad’s business. Daisy goes to work with them everyday. Daisy was just beyond those front doors. I stopped and looked inside, several people stared back at me. I didn’t see any familiar faces. Should I? Shouldn’t I? What do I do? I stood there looking, I imagine, dumb for my indecision, standing there staring through the window. I’m pretty sure that this hesitation of mine was not as long as I was remembering it. Two steps up later I was inside. Two minutes later I was ushered into Daisy’s Mom’s office where there was a little Freegle girl curled up on the chair on her soft comfy blanket. She hopped down and sniffed, about three seconds later it registered who I was and I was bombarded with kisses!! How great Daisy looks and to see her smiling really made my day.

Daisy’s Mom and Dad are such fantastic people and as I apologized for being presumptuous they were so very gracious. She is such a very lucky girl and just got back from her very first vacation. I will save that story for her Mom to tell in next months Aarroosletter. In the meantime I got all the kisses I need to sustain me for a good long time. Thank you to Bill and Debbie for being so understanding and inviting me in. It truly made my day to see all of you, including Professor!!

On the home-front, Sunshine is doing really great. We had one little accident tonight.┬áIt was totally my fault as I was not paying attention to her signals. In hindsight I should have been more aware. For that reason I am not taking her 5 pennies away. I don’t want to damage her new found self esteem!

I recently took her crate away and put her in a pen without a top to see how she would do. At first she seemed to be very afraid but I climbed in there with a load of treats in my hand. Eventually I had all four dogs in there with me, well until I ran out of treats that is!! It’s so good to see her responding to the training and the holistic supplements. Every day gets better and better, but we all always knew she would. This little girl is going to make someone a wonderful and loyal friend one day. Until then I would have to say she and I are pretty tight.

Peace and Sunny Days,

Kate & Sunshine

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