Freegle Harriet

Harriet, who was once a research beagle, was adopted back in 2010 by her adoring family and has been enjoying home life ever since. Since going to her forever home, Harriet quickly blossomed into quite the social butterfly. Now a certified therapy dog, Harriet loves spending time with her family and friends (human, canine and feline). Harriet loves long walks and showing off the many tricks she has mastered. Being a true Freegle, Harriet is very motivated to show off her tricks when treats are involved. Her favorite treats include sweet potatoes and her Mom’s special homemade doggie cookies.

Introduction for Researchers

The BeFreegle Foundation’s mission is to rehome dogs from biomedical research.

Today’s researcher practices the principal of the 3 R’s when conducting animal based research: Replacement, Reduction and Refinement. At the BeFreegle Foundation our goal is to encourage the fourth R of Rehoming to that principal.

Having experience with these animals, we have found that they make excellent family pets and we have known several who have gone on to further serve their communities as certified Therapy Dogs.

There is no fee to donate your dogs to us and we guarantee complete confidentiality with our standard non disclosure agreements.. A sample agreement as available upon request. Please direct all document requests to Kate(at)BeFreegleFoundation.org.

The BeFreegle Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit, all-volunteer organization, funded by our private donors. We are committed to helping former research dogs become beloved companion animals through fostering each dog in a home environment until they are ready to be adopted. Our stringent adoption process assures us that every dog we place be given the best opportunity to succeed in their new environment.

The BeFreegle Foundation seeks to continue to develop and nurture positive working relationships with those in the biomedical research community to assist in the rehoming of their dogs. When considering placement for your research dogs who are ready for retirement, please consider the BeFreegle Foundation.

For specific questions or to inquire about surrendering your research dog(s) please call Executive Director Kate Aubry toll-free 1-844-BeFreegle (844-233-7334) ext. 10 or email Kate(at)BeFreegleFoundation.org