Good Day Sunshine

Morning Freegle romp, with Freegles Maya and Sunshine

Morning  romp, with Freegles Maya and Sunshine

Good Day Sunshine

Today was a great Sun-Shiny Day!! We started the day with an inside toy carried outside by Sunshine. Normally I don’t let the inside toys to go outside as they have a tendency to get buried in the snow. But this morning Sunshine looked so happy that I let her. Spoil her? Oh why not?! We started on a new holistic supplement last night, as recommended by our family and BeFreegle vet, Dr. P. We conferenced about Sunshine yesterday and he suggested that we try another holistic remedy before prescribing meds for her anxiety. Nutricalm for Dogs is chock full of good things like L-Tryptophan and Valerian Root. With the supplement and continued behavioral guidance I am sure that our baby, Sunshine will be feeling so much better in a few weeks.

I continue to be amazed and inspired by all of our Freegle girls bravery. Their willingness to reach beyond their fear is a great lesson that I need to apply to my own self. If they can do it, anyone can!

We continue to learn new things about each other and a yesterday I had a humbling ah ha moment when I scolded her for messing in the house. Dogs, I have come to learn, who have spent time in similar circumstances as Sunshine and the other Freegles, have no concept of potty inside versus potty outside. My scolding her only taught her that potty was bad when I was around. And since I always watch them outside she would never potty until she got back inside when I would literally leave the room for 30 seconds. When I discovered this it broke my heart and I vowed to do better, starting immediately. This morning, armed with extra time and treats in my pocket, we started the day by going outside right away. She sniffed and ate snow, sniffed some more, watched a leaf blow across the snow, sniffed… I issued a defeated sigh as I stood outside with her in 18 degree whether silently chanting to myself, patience, patience, patience… Patience is hard when it’s 18 degrees and you have to go to work in 45 minutes. She didn’t go, so I brought her back in, put her in her crate and let the rest of our pack out, the pack who has to good sense to potty and get it over with fast and get back in where it’s warm! After about another 15 minutes I took her out again. Once again she sniffed and circles, sniffed, watched a leaf, circled, circled, circled… and squat!!! I resisted the urge to shout out, “Way to go Sunshine!”, lest she stop midstream! So I waited until she was done. Many good girl shrieks and treats later she and I went back in for breakfast. After breakfast with the pack outside we went again for some playtime. Feeling, obviously pleased with herself she grabbed her toy. What could I do?

Not only have we had no accidents in the house since but our trips to the frozen tundra of the backyard got a wee (pun intended) bit shorter as the day progressed. I read a surefire way to know your dog is housebroken. It will cost 250 pennies. For each successful potty outside one penny goes in a jar. For every potty inside five come out. By the time all 250 pennies are in the jar one can say the Freegle is housebroken! At present count, we have 4 pennies in the jar, only 246 to go. But hey, every journey begins with a single step. Wish us luck!!

Peace and Outdoor Potty’s,

Kate & Sunshine

Sunshine's Potty Countdown Clock

Sunshine’s Potty Countdown Clock