Our 2018 BeFreegle Calendars are here!! Order here today.

$20.00 each, includes shipping!


Why donate to the BeFreegle Foundation?

Every donation made to the BeFreegle Foundation goes directly towards our efforts to transport, vet, foster and eventually re-home former research dogs. As a strictly volunteer organization we rely heavily on our volunteers and the generous support of our donors.

Please contact us at 1-844-BeFreegle ext. 10 for fundraising and donation information.

Your generous donations help us to provide:

  • Provide transportation for dogs from facilities.
  • Veterinary care for all of the dogs in our foster care.
  • Exceptional training for our fosters and volunteers.
  • Supplies to keep our dogs fed and healthy.
  • Education and awareness within local communities about the need for good homes for former research animals.
  • Materials, mailings and handouts for facilities to introduce our organization to them with the hope that they will work with us to help all research dogs find a home once they are no longer needed for research.

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On behalf of all of us at the BeFreegle Foundation, including those Freegles who have yet to find their way home, thank you for your support.