Bow WOW!!!

Freegles Sunshine and Maya tearing up the yard!

Maya photobombs Sunshine’s glamour pose!

Bow WOW!!!

Spring fever has hit BeFreegle Central!! With temps above 50 degrees today the spring thaw has just begun. Along with the spring thaw comes what some of us dog people call the muddy season. Those of you who know are nodding your head yes right now!! The dreaded muddy season. The ground is frozen so as the snow melts it has no where to go but to sit in giant muddy puddles in the backyard. Undeterred by large vats of mud our Freegle girls romped and ran and splashed in the mud today like a bunch of three year old kids set loose in a summer rainstorm puddle! Zoomies throughout the yard, over the snow softening which at times gave way to their weight and caused them to tumble head over hiney until they were a ball of tangled up Freegles. I took a seat and quietly watched. Maya likes to check in to make sure I’m watching. She would at times come to me to engage in play with her. I would crouch low and hide behind melting piles of snow, she would hop (yes she hops) over cautiously at first to see where I went. I would pop out and she would gleefully hop away zooming to the other side of the yard. I also cleared the patio of snow today just because I will soon be dragging out my chairs to sit outside. Hurrying spring? You bet I am. As Maya and I played hide and seek over snow piles and around the tarp covered patio table a new player entered the game. As I rounded the table for our game of tag, there was Sunshine, tail up, eyes bright ready for action. She play bowed me! Yes, she did! I bowed back and chased her! She ran like the wind, I swear I saw the beginnings of a smile. The moment only lasted a few seconds but I feel that what she did today was cause for celebration. Every day gets a little better. All I want is for her to be happy and today I found a crack, although slight in the protective wall she has built up around herself. She’s getting it, slowly but surely she’s getting it. We had a little setback yesterday and she lost 5 pennies. Today she has already gained most of them back. Good girl!

As I cleaned up 16 muddy legs and paws, 4 wet bellies and a few mud covered snouts I hoped that the snow will soon melt and the mud to dry up so the girls can experience all of the wonders the spring and summer hold. Skunks and groundhogs will be on the top of their list, for sure. Heaven help me!

Peace & Muddy Pawprints,

Kate & Sunshine

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